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For a glimpse of how huge the industry is, take a look at the latest NASSCOM figures:
In 2008, the Indian Animation Industry grew to a whooping Rs.2200 Crores.
By 2012, it's estimated that the industry will grow to a colossal Rs.4500 Crores
The Indian Animation Industry is estimated to reach Rs.15.2 billion by 2016 with the CAGR of 7.1%
Animation in India

The Animation Industry in India is booming at an unimaginable rate and there's no stopping it! The market is full of Indian, as well as international projects. Today almost every movie and television advertisement features some form of Special Effects, including Animation, Composition, Title work, Montages and Logo Animations, to name a few.

With an Industry that shows the growth of this magnitude, there are thousands of jobs up for grabs in countless sectors.
Multiple Career Avenues
Animation Content for International Studios
Indian Animation Studios such as Crest Animation, Paprikaas and Prana Studios etc. are all creating international content for animated series, animated short films and television content. That's not all, today international studios are collaborating with Indian studios to create some fantastic content, case in point the Dreamworks SKG and Reliance Entertainment collaboration etc.
Indian Animation Content
The stupendous success of animation films such as Hanuman and Dashavataar etc. has ensured that Indian Animation films are here to stay. Who knows you could be working on the next big Avatar' created in India.
Television Entertainment & Advertising
With the growth of the Home entertainment industry and the popularity of television serials, animation today has become an integral part of home entertainment. Indian companies today use extensive animation in their advertisements to enhance their brand image.
Be it mobile, console or PC - gaming relies heavily on animation. The gaming industry is growing exponentially and there is a massive demand for animators.
Internet & E-learning
The internet is here to stay! The net is a parallel universe where every minute new and interactive content in the form of web-pages, sites, animated flash content, advertising content such as banners, headers etc. is being added on. The power of animation is being used to enhance teaching methods in various fields. As the world gets smaller because of connectivity, e-learning is becoming a tool to share and transfer knowledge to different groups of people.
Architecture & Engineering
Architects and Engineers today use animation to create new designs, simulate real-time situations to test new products, buildings, designs, walk -through's etc.
Medical & Scientific Animation
Animation plays a critical role in the sciences as well. Using the power of animation surgeons today can emulate life-saving surgical procedures before actually performing them, thus giving them an opportunity to take corrective measures to save lives in advance.
A World of Possibilities
The power of Animation makes the impossible, possible!
Automobile engineers today can simulate tests or design cars virtually. Trainee pilots can fly planes without stepping into a cockpit, Movie makers can bring pre-historic dinosaurs to life on the big screen. Video game developers can re-orchestrate epic phones using nothing but 3D software. The possibilities are endless, and by entering the world of animation, you are given the opportunity to become an integral part of the opportunity to become an integral part of the creative process in countless industries such as:
Animated Films
Live-Action Films
Architectural Design
Print industry
  . and more!