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Animation is not new to mankind. An Egyptian wall decoration circa 2000 B.C. depicts, on successive panels, the actions of two wrestlers in a variety of holds. One of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous illustrations also shows the human body with the limbs in different positions.
Creativity has now acquired a new meaning. With the advent of technology, Multimedia and Animation have redefined the realms of creativity and given imagination infinite interpretations.
Animation has reached new heights with the introduction of computers. Computer animation is one of the hottest job markets today. It has emerged as a very high paying profession with applications in the film, television, advertising.
Multimedia : A Diverse Profession

Multimedia careers: which one will be yours?

Once you've decided Multimedia is where you want to be, it's time to decide which specific area it will be in. The choices are mind-boggling.

Mad about multimedia in advertising

You must have seen lots of impossible things happening in TV commercials and wondered how they did it. Well, the credit probably goes to Multimedia. Photographs, audio clips, video clips and music integrated within one another with digital precision have allowed the adman to transform commercial campaigns into breath-taking audio-visual messages which have a nearly hypnotic effect on the audiences. Effective use of multimedia effects in advertisements have resulted not only in holding the audience's attention but also leaving a lasting impression for top of the mind recall. With the use of multimedia in our advertising, we've achieved international standards of acceptability.

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Multimedia wins over other conventional forms of advertising because it offers unique interactivity. The use of multimedia effects, animation, computer graphics, sound and video make presentations attractive to audiences. Promotional tools provided by multimedia such as demo floppies and CD-ROMs can be used to promote different types of products and services. The potential customer is not relegated to the back seat where he only observes the action like it works with TV commercials. Now, he gets a chance to respond, has a choice what to look for, when to start and to finish. It's new, it's interesting, it's attractive, and therefore such advertising works. Another advantage of multimedia advertising is the potential to replicate jobs.

Print& Publishing Get Polish

Computer technology has increased the potency and power of the print media, making it far more visually-stunning and internationally acceptable. It has moved away from conventional methods of imaging and is looking towards new horizons in digital designing. The publishing industry has adopted multimedia techniques to make their products more slick and professional, and their processes faster and more effective.

Multimedia knowledge in the print and publishing industry allows the use of video and still images to be integrated into documents at the pre-print stage. Further, it allows the developer to view and review his product trying out various combinations, alterations and effects for font, layout and colour before he can finalize his publication. Multimedia also allows the printer to preview the different options before deciding the best choice for his publication. Thus eliminating most of the elements of uncertainty in the printing process.

Learning about the new education system

Multimedia has provided the opportunity to present our generation with the best education, which is contemporary, updated and skillfully presented. Exposure to these programmes can turn homes into classrooms. Innovations such as active learning, critical thinking and discovery learning are natural elements of a teaching and learning process that involves interactive multimedia. Information kiosks allow children to maximise their learning by allowing them to navigate through educative topics and search and find their answers. Educational CDs and interactive games hone their motor, creative and analytical skills making them sharper and quicker on the uptake.


Audio & Television Get Radical For those nterested in the audio visual and recording i ndustry, the onset of multimedia in radio and television provide fantastic growth and career opportunity. Promising careers await videographers who tape and edit films in real time for final viewing. They insert titles, graphics and special effects. They may also create, produce, and edit sound tracks and sound effects. Also equally good are the prospects for sound technicians who produce the sound and music for television and radio background. They contribute sound files, create sound effects, and produce tracks. They also use electronic instruments to create digital musical pieces and specialized sound mixing and sampling.

Digital & Special Effects. Lights, Camera, Action!

It would not be wrong to say that multimedia has made films far more riveting than before. Remember Toy Story? This film cost |just $25 million to make, compared with the$40 million for The Lion King. The team that made it numbered 110, versus The Lion King's 800. Computer animation and simulation has enabled filmmakers to conceptualise and direct movies, which are replete with special audiovisual effects. While making a film still entails the traditional activities of making a script and setting the tone, what multimedia can do to pour life into the script is unimaginable. 2D and 3D animation techniques have made it possible to integrate humans and simulated characters to interact with each other in a surreal world. Once upon a time such movies could only be imagined. Today, we cannot imagine a movie without this.

The magic of computer animation

Computer animation has so many advantages over traditional methods. The model does not have to be physically built. The camera is virtual, which means that there is absolutely no restriction on its movement. The animation industry in India, which was dormant for several decades is now very much alive. Indian studios are fully equipped and are entering a market that has so far been dominated by countries like Taiwan, Korea and Philippines. While India is competitive in terms of cost, the criteria that determines the selection of the service provider is essentially a) quality of animation conforming to international standards b) capacity to meet stringent deadlines. Thus the studio needs to be staffed with a highly skilled team of animators.

www.multimedia.com - web and internet

Multimedia is a terrific method for creating a must-visit site. Video clips, audio clips, graphics and photos are eye-grabbing tools that can hold a surfer's attention. An effective web site is a tremendous opportunity for companies to increase brand-name recognition as well as revenue. This makes the use of multimedia an advertising device that has the potential to be very cost effective.Also, many companies have resorted to e-commerce as a major means of distributing their products. An attractive web site could drastically improve a company's ability to reach their maximum sales level.By making the experience of shopping over the web a pleasure, a company can reap the benefits of shoppers purchasing more than they planned to because they enjoyed the experience and word of mouth advertising.

Having fun with gaming

Today, Multimedia games are big business. Multimedia Games announced that its profits have skyrocketed over the past year by 250. There are a variety of multimedia related careers in the game industry, and all play an integral role in creating mind-blowing games.

The concept of gaming is an essential part of entertainment in our everyday lives. It wasn't until the late 1970s that elementary systems were released that incorporated some gaming element. Gaming allows humans to interact with a machine to simulate a real-world situation. This idea has not changed over the years. What has changed, however, are the real world situations portrayed to the gamer. This portrayal has improved tenfold since the emergence of gaming in the early 1980s to the standard we enjoy today.

Adding new glamour to designing

· Fashion
· Interior
· Architecture
· Product design

Thanks to Multimedia, designing is no longer a job that entails labour over paper cuttings and endless poring over blueprints with pens and pins. Multimedia professional programmes are designed to specifically cater to the needs of designers and developers. By bringing together text, sound, animation, graphic art and video; it is possible to generate variations to a single design in a matter of minutes - something that the traditional pen and paper method would have taken days to achieve! Multimedia allows the designer to play around with colours, styles, material and tones before finalising the product. And allows him or her to provide the same designs for different audiences catering to diverse budgets and tastes.

Multimedia brings convergence closer

Broadband will change the way we communicate, learn, interact and entertain. The convergence of technologies like satellites, television and computer are bringing together people worldwide on a common platform. Multimedia technologies will enable all forms of digital entertainment to morph into one big stream of bits. So? We can enjoy movies, TV shows. Internet video and music on our home theatre, computer, mobile phone or wrist watch wherever and whenever we want.

But with the right career, at the right place, once is enough

Where Do You See Yourself?

Visualiser, Creative Support Professional, Studio Manager, Media Specialist, Art Designer

Web Manager/Site Manager, Graphic Designer/Visualiser, Animator, Audio Visual Specialist, Multimedia Author or Web Page Designer

Multimedia Author, Script Writer, DTP Specialist, Creative Publishing Professional, Layout Artist and Designer, Graphic Artist, Cartoonist

Visual Effects Designer, Software Editor and
Mixer, Audio and Video Specialist or Telecast Professional.

Author, Script Writer, Animator, Special and Visual Effects Professional, Cartoonist, Set and Costume Design Consultant GAMING EXPERT 3-D Artist, Interface Artist, Director of Creative Operations, Modeler Level I, Animator Level II, Tract Artist, Character Animator, RPG Lead Artist, Preset Art Director and Cinematic Character.

Content Developers, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Architecture, Special Effects for Cinema, Corporate Presentation, Product Designing, Video Editing, Animation for Films

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Multimedia : A Diverse Profession
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